I was born in Budapest.

I graduated from Eötvös Lóránd University, Department of Mathematics. I taught mathematics and computer science at the Technical University, Department of Mathematics for 15 years.

The painter Lóránd Sárkány was my first art teacher; he remained my mentor for many years. I continued my education in graphic arts and painting at the Dési Huber Circle of Fine Arts under the tutelage of Ervin Tamás in the 1960s.

Throughout my whole career I have combined the rationality of mathematics and the irrationality of art. This is considered a paradox for many, for me the two enhance and complement each other.

I generally paint in oil using a technique I developed in the 1970s. Instead of a brush, I apply the paint with pieces of blades which results in a unique and special surface.

Although I had been painting for a long time, I presented my first exhibit to the public at the invitation of the Duna pArt Gallery in 2005. So far, I had 36 individual and 16 group exhibitions in Los Angeles, San Diego, Bloomington (CA), Budapest, Debrecen, Vác, Veresegyház, Cegléd, Erdőkertes, Őrbottyán

I have been listed in Hübner's Who is Who since 2009.

In 2012 five of my paintings appeared in the ?Handbook of the World of Imagination (Drawing and Visual Culture) for 9th Grade Text Book" published by Mrs. Imreh, Margit Sebestyén.

Because of the impression of my friend from Wales Peter Leech, I turned to digital art too.

Some of my works won several international awards in painting, digital art and photo contests of Fine Art America.

In 2020 a catalogue published in ARTBOX.GROUPS GmbH - Switzerland. The title is "PETER ANTOS" and it contains ten of my oil paintings.

Public-collection: Mayor's Office of Veresegyház